We seek good investment and acquisition opportunities in ventures in San Francisco-Silicon Valley. Our business focus includes (1) investing, (2) acquiring ventures, and (3) listing.

(1) Investing
We spend more time than venture capitalists on average on looking into the intrinsic value of a potential venture or project, and the possibilities of raising the value of the venture or project.

Our selection criteria include all of the following:
● A business plan or venture (for developing a unique, innovative, competitive, or proprietary product, service, business model, application, or solution)
● Entrepreneurial capability
● With growth potential in terms of market size and revenue
● innovation-oriented or technology-related, involving information technology, electronics, wireless communication, robotics, medical equipment, or others
● Potential to create and capture cross border synergy between Silicon Valley and China, including Hong Kong, before or after funding (e.g. using Asian resources to pursue cross-border R&D, commercial cooperation, merge and acquisition, and initial public offering (IPO)) 

Interested ventures or entrepreneurs may contact us or email us a 2 to 6-page proposal at

(2) Acquiring ventures or projects
In Bay Area, we seek the opportunities to buy innovation-oriented or technology ventures or projects (usually in its late stage of development) that fit with the merge and acquisition (M&A) activity of publicly-listed or private companies in Hong Kong and China.

(3) Listing in Hong Kong
We also pursue initial public offering (IPO) activities that will get ventures or projects in the USA listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In addition to the attractive financial benefit from IPO in the vigorous Hong Kong stock market, a venture to be listed in Hong Kong can pursue R&D, production, material sourcing, marketing, etc. in Asia, particularly China and Hong Kong.