China US VC Platform focuses on investment business with new or established small to medium-sized technology or innovation-oriented firms in Silicon Valley and San Francisco area.

Established at Silicon Valley in 2015, we work closely with our office in Hong Kong( founded in 2013. We pick ventures with growth potential, entrepreneurial capability and an innovative product, service or business model in various industries, such as information technology, electronics, wireless communication, robotics, and medical equipment.

To ensure good returns on venture investment, we seek to raise the value of target ventures with various appropriate means, such as reinnovating, cross-border synergy (between Silicon Valley and China, including Hong Kong), financing, repackaging, merge & acquisition (M&A), and initial public offering (IPO).

Our Business
Currently our business in Bay Area includes:
1. Investing in ventures
2. Acquiring ventures or projects
3. Assisting ventures to pursue IPO in Hong Kong

Our Strengths
Our experienced management team, committed investment strategies, cross-border vision, and established nuturing facilities in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, China bring positive results to venture investment and the development of ventures in both short and long term.

International Collaboration
Our vision is to capture high returns on global venture investment in technology or innovative businesses through the utilization of cross-border resources, markets, and investment exit opportunities in this fast-growing global economy and financial market. We help identify and generate cross-border synergy to raise the value of ventures. Our China-US Program involves our strategical collaboration with various technology parks, incubation centers, universities, research institutes, government bodies, the listed and non-listed technology firms, etc. in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and China.