We emphasize nurturing ventures. We help selected ventures to develop innovative measures that strengthen the strategies, planning, and  business development of ventures. We also help selected ventures to explore and utilize cross border synergy. Our China-US program is to arrange and customize resources that will facilitate the use of resources and market in China (particularly in Shenzhen and Hong Kong) by the new technology or innovative ventures located in San Francisco-Silicon Valley region and surrounding area, creating cross-border synergy. The program is intended to benefit and raise the value of the selected ventures in this fast-growing global economy.

We have been collaborating with partners to identify and achieve such cross-border synergy in and between US and China (particularly San Francisco-Silicon Valley region and Shenzhen-Hong Kong region) for the new ventures. Partners include:
● technology parks (e,g. Shenzhen Hi-Tech Park, Hong Kong Science & Technology Park)
● incubation centers
● universities and research institutes
● government bodies
● listed/non-listed technology firms

Our nurturing facilities to technology or innovative ventures in San Francisco-Silicon Valley region and surrounding area include: 

1. Utilizing Resources in China and Hong Kong for R&D or Operation
● new technology or product development
● prototype production
● material sourcing
● production

2. Capturing China's Market
● product localization and customization to fit and capture China market
● market test
● marketing and sale

3. Pursuing Commercial Cooperation or M&A with Chinese firms in US or China
● joint R&D or operation
● joint venture
● merge and acquisition (M&A)

4. Getting Listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Assisting in pursuing IPO in Hong Kong